Paige Musical - The Clik Capo with flat fretboard radius


I've been testing numerous flat radius capos recently to find an ideal option for Mule Resonators, and have settled on the Paige 'Clik' being my absolute favourite! So I'm please to say we are now a Paige dealer and can offer these great capos here at the Home of Tone.

About the Clik Capo
These capos once fitted around the neck of the guitar can be kept safely behind the nut, ready to move across the fretboard and quickly clamped down sufficiently. The screw is gently pushed in toward the neck until the last click is heard.
The tension, finely adjusted until the strings voice clearly. Because of the new mechanism, precision adjustment is maintained with the availability of a quick release and change.
All seamlessly constructed in a direct center tension design.

Inspired by years of Award-Winning artists' feedback.
Created with the original mechanical physics. Simply preferred because...

An innovative design,
with an advanced quick release mechanism.
Controllable tension,
with precision adjustment.
No string buzz or muting,
pulling from the center instead of the side.
Move quickly and easily,
with one-hand action.
Can store behind the nut,
when not in use.
Finish safe tubing,
to protect all contact points.

Suitable for flat radius fingerboards, so perfect for your Mule Resonator guitar, or other guitars with a flat radius.