Paige Capos - 'Clik' quick release Capo for Electric & Acoustic guitars


I'm very happy to re-introduce Paige capos back to the Home of Tone! I used to stock Paige capos a few years back but sadly the original distributor retired the business so I was unable to source them, but in steps a fresh UK distributor and they make their return to Home of Tone as a result! A superb quality capo, very easy to use and has been made popular with players like Joey Landreth & Ariel Posen championing the design.

The Paige Clik™ Electric Guitar Capo with X-treme string bending, direct-center-tension design, quick-release mechanism, and finish-safe Tubing.

  • Softer/thicker tubing allows for string bending while keeping strings in place
  • Unique patented design with an advanced quick-release mechanism
  • Controllable tension using the tightening wheel
  • When not in use, can be slid back and stored behind the nut (depending on headstock design) ready to be slid back onto the fretboard really quickly. 
  • No string buzz or muting 
  • Move quickly and easily 
  • Can store behind the nut when not in use
  • Finish-safe tubing protects all contact points
These are available with a standard width (2") ideal for most electric & Acoustic guitars, or with a wide width opening (2.25") ideal for wider fretboard acoustic guitars too.


Awaiting further stock of the standard width. But have the wide width ones in stock (which will fit a wider variety of fretboard widths)