Mule Resophonic - Steel Tricone Resonator Guitar


About the Mule Tri-cone
The Tricone variation of resonator from Mule is gathering a well deserved reputation for it's wonderful and unique resonator tone. It is fitted under a single cone cover, giving the guitar a traditional look yet unique tone. There was a odd prototype of an early National with a very small single cone cover, with three much smaller cones underneath. Matt Eich decided to further develop this and has refined this short lived National idea and created a truly wonderful design. Three standard sized tricone resonator cones, sit underneath a standard single cone cover. This difference in space, air movement and use of f-holes instead of mesh grilles creates a sound which has been incredibly influential in the modern resonator world. It is a model used by players like Charlie Parr and Joey Landreth to name a couple. 
If you're thinking about pickups, what can you realistically expect from the pickup sound? Well the only pickup Mule put in is the P90 they make. It's an actual electric guitar pickup - not something modified to fit on a resonator. It's awesome and gets you an electric tone that you can't get anywhere else. If that's what you're looking for do it. If you're looking solely for acoustic applications, use a clip on microphone or one on a stand, that works great too!

Torrefied maple necks?! What the heck is that! Well torrefaction is a process of drying wood in a special kiln to make it more like old wood.  It evaporates more moisture but also sap in the wood. The result is wood cells that is more crystalline. This improves tone but more importantly stability of the neck because it doesn't lose or accept moisture as easily as new wood does. As standard, Mule Resophonic Guitars now come with a quartersawn maple torrefied neck, with additional titanium reinforcement rods. 

Steel Tricone Standard Specs
 - Steel body
 - Tricone design
 - Hard Case
 - Flat or Slotted headstock
 - Quartersawn Torrefied maple neck
 - Titanium reinforcement neck construction
 - Ebony Fingerboard

 - Mule Tuners
 - Black Tusq handcut nut
 - Torrefied maple bridge
 - 25" scale length
 - Flat Radius fretboard 
 - Set-up with 16 gauge D'Addario Strings

 - Certificate of build with serial number confirmation.

Additional Options
 - Cutaway £230
 - Upgrade to a figured maple (flamed or birdseye) torrefied maple neck £115
 - A Mule P90 style pickup - £175
 - Upgrade to a Hiscox hard case - £190

Any general set-up choices can be discussed and catered for too including a lower action, lighter strings etc. This is your guitar after all!

Delivery Estimate/How to order

Due to such high demand, all of our 2018 and as of 1st Feb our 2019 reservations have now been all spoken for. We are limited to a certain amount of builds per year, so sadly due to the high demand of these beautiful instruments all of our allocations have been spoken for through to 2019. 

We are an authorised Mule Resophonic dealer, and will handle the process from start to finish, with build updates where possible. We love and understand how important that part of the process and the story that is and very much make it a part of the buying experience through us. We will take care of getting the instrument over to the UK, then to yourself. No customs surprises here. The price you see, is the price you pay. Simple that way right? Keeps you concentrating on the beautiful guitar you'll be receiving.

Hear it

Any questions on this incoming guitar and if you want to reserve, don't hesitate to drop us a message, we will be very happy to hear from you and talk MULE for a while.