Mule Resophonic - Mulecaster Steel Electric Guitar


About the Mulecaster

The Mulecaster is one of the most eye catching electric guitars I have seen in a long time, and getting one in my hands for the first time was an incredible experience. From it's Steel body (yup, it's all steel!) to it's beautifully hand carved neck and set of McNelly Pickups, this is one attention grabbing thing for sure. Made in the Mule workshop alongside their increasingly popular resonator guitars, Matt Eich set out to design and build an electric guitar that encapsulated the same unique vibes as their resophonic brother. The necks are carved just like the Resonators, by hand, and are constructed from maple paired with a beautiful ebony fretboard. The fretboards are available with a flat radius, ideal for slide guitar, and a nice 10" radius, with a choice of Mule made pickups all of which sound superb in these guitars and some shown in the photos here.
Most noticeable is the addition of the Hipshot Tailpiece, a three lever B-Bender style trem made specifically for Mule by the talented bunch at HipShot. This, rather than being like a whammy bar tremolo, bends the notes upwards, like a B-Bender and helps produce wonderful lap steel sounds. The idea was influenced by Mule owner and friend of the Home of Tone, Mr Seth Lee Jones, who has used these HipShots on his own guitars for a number of years. The sound was so evocative for the Mule guys that they had to offer it as an option on the unique Mulecaster. I have played one and it's such a cool feature, and suits these guitars down to the ground.
You'll also notice the thinline esq steel pick guard and resonator influenced F-Hole which finishes it off perfectly I think.
When I first saw these guitars emerging from the Mule workshop I was in awe of their character and presence. But it definitely didn't prepare me for the first time I laid eyes on one. It sounds odd, but Mules have a smell, you open the case and you're hit with this smell of raw steel, something you don't get from other resonator brands. Well the Mulecaster has that same aura, that same character, and I love that they've managed to create something that pairs so well with the resonators that are the staple of their name. Pick it up out of the case and hit a note, be it just an open string or a chord, and you will be blown away by the resonance. The back of the body vibrates like a super thin rosewood back of a classical guitar, which was a total surprise for me. They're loud acoustically, and with a set of McNelly Pickups, sing electronically too. The necks feel beautifully comfortable, as you've come to expect from a Mule Instrument. There is nothing quite like a Mulecaster, sure there are other steel bodied T-Style guitars out there, but in my opinion and experience, nothing matches the presence of a Mulecaster. I'm counting down the days until I get to hold another!

Mulecaster Standard Specs
 - Steel body
 - Mule P90 mini humbucker sized pickups
 - Hiscox hard case as standard
 - Quartersawn Torrefied maple neck
 - Titanium reinforcement neck construction
 - Ebony Fingerboard

 - Mule Tuners
 - Black Tusq handcut nut
 - Flat or 10" Radius fretboard 
 - Certificate of build with serial number confirmation.

Additional Options
 - Upgrade to a figured maple (flamed or birdseye) torrefied maple neck £115
 - Hipshot tailpiece - £200

Hear the Mulecaster

Delivery Estimate/How to order
Heard and seen enough? I don't blame you! So how do you order one? 

Due to such high demand, all of our 2018 and as of 1st Feb our 2019 reservations have now been all spoken for. We are limited to a certain amount of builds per year, so sadly due to the high demand of these beautiful instruments all of our allocations have been spoken for through to 2019. 

We are an authorised Mule Resophonic dealer, and will handle the process from start to finish, with build updates where possible. We love and understand how important that part of the process and the story that is and very much make it a part of the buying experience through us. We will take care of getting the instrument over to the UK, then to yourself. No customs surprises here. The price you see, is the price you pay. Simple that way right? Keeps you concentrating on the beautiful guitar you'll be receiving.

I can't wait to start this journey for you, I absolutely love this process.