Mule Resophonic Guitars Trucker cap


Mule has been sending these caps out with guitars when available for a little while, and selling them direct on their MuleStuff website. But sadly it's not always possible for international orders, so I chimed in to help the UK people who wanted one and to save Matt the worries of shipping lots off overseas. So Matt has supplied me with a small supply of these bada$$ Mule trucker caps, blue with a orange patch on the front. One size should fit all, as it's a trucker style cap with an adjustable clasp on the back for sizing.

black caps remain here in stock!
I have some dedicated baseball cap sized cardboard boxes arriving in the next few days (around the 10th-13th August), so if you order before this time there will be a little delay whilst I wait for those to arrive to ship the caps safely. Thanks!