Mother Mary Company Deluxe Gig Bag - "Weed Eater"


New for 2022, the Deluxe gig bag series from Mother Mary Co! Carefully made and designed, with some neat deluxe features 

Ombre Brown, Tan, Off White Check / Stripe, heavy canvas fabric. MMco have beefed up the padding on these versions and made a bright yellow interior.

Case comes with a standard webbing shoulder strap, an interior adjustable neck brace, and a single interior velcro pocket. 

Length 44" x Greatest Height 17"

These come packaged from the manufacturer folded over to help decrease shipping costs. You may find that upon initially opening it from the packaging that it benefits from laying/pressed flat and/or just gently pressing and working the padding in the area it was folded to help it regain it's straight form. I have personally tried this and it worked really well and the case regained form in no time at all. So just a little personal recommendation if for any reason it concerns you upon receiving. They are soft gig bags at the end of the day so will soon take form as it is used though, but thought this extra info may help.

Fits most normal sized electric guitars and short scale basses- strat, tele, jazzmaster, mustang, les paul, sg, etc.
Will not fit - hollow body, acoustic, baritone, flying v, etc.

In Stock!