Millimetric Instruments - MGS3 custom build information

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The MGS3 was the second Millimetric 6 string design. It's inspired by the offset classics, with of course Millimetric's modern and minimalist vision. Created to have a different stand up position than the MG6, the MGS3 has a closer feel to a Les Paul style guitar with it's single cut design and standard scale is 25". 

Pricing and ordering
All Millimetric Instruments are made to order, and as the UK representative I can help talk you through the specs available and any finer details before putting you forward to Florian to take your build to the final drawing board.

You can choose body and neck wood material, pickup options, wiring configurations, neck profiles, body colours and textures and soon also choice of hardtail or vibrato!

I am very proud to now be the UK representative to Millimetric Instruments. Between myself and Florian, we have decided the best way to represent his brand here in the UK is for me to be a local contact, as well as offering you a chance to see & play a Millimetric Instrument for yourself. Something not previously possible for us being the other side of the pond. 
I'm here to help discuss specs & options available on a custom build, and hopefully provide you with a chance to come a try one to get a feel for what makes these beautifully made instruments worth ordering.
Here I will have a UK demonstration instrument, which you are welcome to come and try, and if you fall in love with it, we can discuss a custom build further.
To book an appointment to come and try a Millimetric Instrument for yourself, feel free to get in touch with me at and I'll look forward to meeting you.

The price stated here is merely a rough guide for the starting price, for the sake of this product listing and not a final price of any instrument. As all build specs vary, please do get in touch to discuss further and we will obtain a final spec estimate from Millimetric instruments for your dream guitar.

To begin discussing your custom Millimetric MGS3, please get in touch with me at and we will geek out.