Michael Messer - Lightning Resonator Guitar - Used


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I have just received this lovely condition Michael Messer Lightning resonator guitar to offer for sale on behalf of a good customer (it's current owner). This guitar isn't store stock, but is here for me to handle the sale safely on behalf of the owner.

The guitar is an early January 2017 model, dated 17/1/17 on the certificate, serial number 06744. It has enjoyed and well looked after and is in great condition all round. It comes with a pretty substantial 'pod' style case, which is like a beefier gig bag/lightweight hardcase crossover. I have included a photo of it in this listing. 

If you are unfamiliar with Michael Messer resonators, they have a very good reputation for their value for money which is also partly down to them being set-up once in the UK by well respected and renowned specialist, Dave King Acoustics. The set-up on this guitar still feels great, and is strung currently with the Michael Messer National Phos. Bronze .015-.056 gauge as would have originally been supplied. Michael runs a very popular forum to which many members are MM Resonator owners, so lots of great information out there, reviews etc, so I wholeheartedly recommend diving a little deeper if you've not heard of MM Resonators but are interested in this one. A great value guitar considering it's pre-owned price too.

The Lightning model is a brass bodied, nickel-plated 12 fret resonator, reminiscent of the classic 1930s resonator design. It features a spun aluminium cone, three on a strip open tuners, a cool 1930s lightning-bolt sandblasted design across it's polished finish. Mahogany neck with a 12th fret join to the body, a rosewood bound fretboard, bone nut and maple biscuit bridge. New, along with the wait list time due to batch making, these are £619 plus postage which are only available from Michael direct. 

Shipping within the UK only due to rosewood restriction.