McNelly T-Bar 'Open Nickel' Neck Pickup


T-Bar Tasting Notes
The T-Bar is one of those pickups that stops you in your tracks. It is a direct replacement Tele neck and bridge size, but is a closer to a P90 in it's construction. They feature recessed adjustable poles and blend some of the tonal characteristics of a traditional soapbar P90 into a direct replacement for a tele.  The tone is fatter and will more readily push the front end of your rig with higher output.  For those who love to rock out on a tele, these add some fun flavours!
When you hear them, you have question it as it is so hard to imagine it is possible to get so close to that of a hearty P90 loaded guitar in a Tele. But these definitely do.

In Review
Also read what Guitar & Bass Magazine thought of the T-Bars we sent to them for a full, in depth review. It was a good one! -

Guitar & Bass T-Bar Verdict

Hear Them

To note - This guitar was fitted with 250k pots and 13 gauge strings, so a touch darker than the recommended 500k pots would sound. Still works great with 250k, just expect a darker tone. 

These two videos show a T-Bar neck & bridge set with 500k pots fitted, much more Tele esq but with a much fatter tone!

This 'open nickel' cover T-Bar neck pickup is in stock and available for dispatch.