McNelly Sparkletron Pickup - Nickel neck and bridge pickups


Sparkletron Tasting Notes
They feature 1/4" thick A5 magnets, wood spacers, 42awg wire & braided lead wire.
Tasting notes: Clear and bouncy. The bridge has a full range bite, while the neck is smoother with an airy high end. Hints of cherry and juicy plum.
The bridge pickup has slightly wider string spacing.Imitation simply isn't a word in McNelly's dictionary, so expect something a little more interesting from these. The response I've had back has been fantastic, dive in!

I've decided to list these available in their standard filtertron sizing, along with standard humbucker sizing! Your normal humbucker routes and mounting rings deserve Sparkletron love too! For the humbucker sized versions please see THIS LISTING.

In Review
These were reviewed by Guitar & Bass Magazine in their May 2016 issue and were awarded 9/10! 

Some quotes from the review:
'The Sparkletrons cut through dirt & fuzz to provide definition, and bass strings retain a tight, growly focus.'
'Although they have a fairly low output by modern standards, the Sparkletrons don't lack power.'
Check out the magazine for the full review HERE!

Guitar and Bass McNelly Sparkletron Verdict Review

Hear Them

This nickel cover, neck and bridge pickup  set is in stock and available for dispatch!