McNelly 'Custom Shop' overwound Cornucopia humbucker - Neck position


Cornucopia Humbucker Tasting Notes
The humbucker set that seems to do everything well. They are clear and airy, with tight punch that holds together well even with overdrive. The flip side is that they still keep the organic and sweet feel of a great PAF. Take them from sweet blues and jazz to driving rock and they'll thank you for it.

1 15/16" string spacing

About this model
This was a custom shop order for a customer, but is now available in stock. It is an overwound Cornucopia model, so a bit more push than your usual Cornucopia and is also in a stunning custom finish of raw nickel with gold pole pieces. 
Although initially wound for neck position, it could still be used in the bridge position. It is wound a little different to a bridge pickup but it would still certainly work well in that position. 
It is wired with traditional braided 2 conductor wire.

This exact pickup is in stock. If you happen to want an additional position to make this a set, then feel free to get in touch and we can organise another to be made no worries at all.