McNelly Cornucopia Humbucker pickup nickel set - EX-DEMO

£259.98 £207.98

Cornucopia Humbucker Tasting Notes
The humbucker set that seems to do everything well. They are clear and airy, with tight punch that holds together well even with overdrive. The flip side is that they still keep the organic and sweet feel of a great PAF. Take them from sweet blues and jazz to driving rock and they'll thank you for it.

1 15/16" string spacing

Hear Them

Here's a great demo of the bridge position Cornucopia by Dipswitch Demos' Jackson!


This is an Ex-Demo set with nickel covers in perfect condition with full lead lengths (not cut down/shortened etc). So a great chance to grab a pair of Cornucopias that are as good as new for a clearance price!