MarcusDluxe Pedalboard - 2 Rail 'Classic' handmade pedalboard


I have been friends with Marcus for some time thanks to the great guitar community, and I am an owner of two of his awesome pedalboards. I love them, So we have decided to offer some here at the Home of Tone! All handmade by Marcus, also by using as many recycled and off-cut materials as he can to reduce waste, these boards are an incredibly solid, affordable and quality alternative to some of the mass produced options on the market. 
This particular board is the '2 rail' which is designed for 1 row of pedals, and roughly based on the size of a Pedaltrain nano for example. It measures 340mm total width.
It's finished in a rustic black/brown, stamped with MarcusDluxe branding as well as a subtle 'HoT' stamp inside too to note it is a Home of Tone run!
It has 4 plastic bushing 'feet', one in each corner, and a large single cable access hole on the rear panel.

Dimensions - 
300mm loop length
120mm loop width
340mm total board length
160mm total board width
Slanted height, 50mm front & 70mm rear (including feet)
(roughly based upon a pedaltrain nano)
Internal/underside deepest measurement - 35mm slanted to 23mm

Weight 798g

*feels silly to say, but please note that the pedals shown in the product photos are not included with the board!!

In stock and ready to ship!