Jupiter Condenser USA .02uF 'Vintage Tone' Mustard capacitor


I used these for a number of years in my harness kits and own guitars with great results.  A quality reproduction of the classed mustard style tone caps, I'm more than happy to use these in my own guitars and harness kits. USA made from the respected brand Jupiter.

Which value for my guitar?
Although choices of cap value can be down to personal preference, there are some general recommendations that are followed - 

.02uF is a popular choice all-round but is perhaps a more common choice for humbucker pickups, this will help the characteristically darker sounding pickup retain some treble frequency clarity. Some players can also opt for a .01uF value in the neck humbucker position to further help clear up a particularly muddy/dark sounding pickup. The .022uF value can also work great with single coils though, and offers a more subtle effect on trebles than a .047uF.

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