Jennings Guitars - Voyager Deluxe


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The boutique guitar world is thriving and the level of creativity amongst the luthiers is possibly the best it has been in a very long time. Boutique guitars should posses a real 'wow' factor upon case opening, and the instruments from the Jennings workshop truly capture that. It really is an experience from first handling the custom made, G&G tweed hardshell case to getting the guitar in your hands for those first few notes, it's incredibly special and I'm so proud to offer these instruments.

So, what is the story behind the Voyager Deluxe? Jennings feel the Voyager Deluxe is most known for its transparent acoustic tone and articulation. It covers tonal spectrum from jazz and blues all the way to hard rock and even metal. One of the key design elements was to design a guitar that gets out of the way and allows the artist to express themselves freely. From the articulate fretwork to the clear and articulate tone the Voyager Deluxe will keep you on your toes and excited to keep on playing.

This particular Voyager Deluxe was inspired by some previous builds and the specifications were curated between myself and Chad Jennings. We wanted to capture some of the offset vibe of the instrument, by utilizing the brilliant Mastery Bridge and trem unit. We wanted some rich tones from the neck position so opted for a McNelly Stagger Swagger which delivers responsive, warm yet clear tone and pairs wonderfully with the Sparkletron at the bridge which is chimey and compliments the hollow body design brilliantly well. The custom made 'Voyager' engraved pickguard by Decoboom lends itself to a classic look alongside the double bound body and signature Jennings 'F'-hole. A comfortable profile neck, wonderful fretwork and feel of the nitro finish make it feel played in right out of the case and really is a special experience to play. 

Alder, hollow body with a mid/light mahogany stain
Nitrocellulose finish
Cream binding front and back of body
Bound 'f'-hole
Custom made tortoiseshell Decoboom pickguard
McNelly Stagger Swagger and Sparkletron pickups in humbucker sized Filtertron covers
Mastery bridge and tremolo
2 piece Quartersawn maple neck with Jennings hollow circle fretboard inlays
Kluson tuners
Satin nitro lacquer on back of neck
Emerson CTS 500k pots
Emerson .022uF PIO capacitor
Switchcraft 3 way toggle switch
Switchcraft jack socket
Jennings custom G&G Hardshell case
Scale length - 25.5" / 648mm
Weight - 3.15kg / 6.96lbs
Neck width - 42.5mm at nut / 50.5mm at the 12th
Neck depth - 22.7mm at 1st fret / 23.8mm at 12th
String spacing - 35mm at nut - 51.9mm at bridge

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