Jennings Guitars - Navigator 'Fern Green Sparkletron' pre-order build


This is of course, Jennings take on an icon, with the craftsmanship and handmade quality Jennings are well known and respected for. You'll find rolled fretboard edges, rounded fret ends and a huge selection of custom options taking it from a traditional looking Navigator, to a wild fully custom build. This is your chance to have a handmade, Californian icon with your own stamp and Jennings high quality workmanship.

I'm very happy to now have a couple of stock Jennings builds spec'd and on order! This guitar is due for completion in Summer 2022, and you can secure the build now too. Me and Chad worked together on the spec for this build, as we wanted to showcase the variety of specs on offer for the Navigator range, and also show off a brand new colour for Jennings, with Satin Fern green! I have been inspired by McNelly's Sparkletron humbuckers for a long time, and have often included them in stock instrument builds as they sound so good and offer a player fantastic versatility. I've also become a big fan of Cabronita style builds, and decided to make a Cab inspired Navigator! We've chosen some really cool features which are detailed below. Although I don't have photos of this build, I have had an amazing render made by Futura Guitars to help visualise it! Seeing this makes me very excited about seeing the finished guitar. Hope it helps you visualise the build.

Shape/model - Solid body Navigator
Scale length - 25.5"
Body wood - Swamp Ash
Finish - Satin exposed grain 'Fern Green' (new colour for 2021)
Neck wood - Roasted maple
Fretboard wood - Roasted maple
Fretboard inlays - Black hollow circles
Neck profile - Jennings standard 'C' 
Bridge - Roller
Vibrato - Duesenberg deluxe tremola
Pickups - 2x McNelly Sparkletron humbuckers
Pickguard - Small Cab inspired shape in parchment
Case - Mono M80

All Jennings Guitars are made in house by Chad Jennings at his workshop in Camarillo, California.

Pricing and ordering
As this guitar is already spec'd and on order, I know the price for the model and can accept deposit of 10% to secure the build. This is a reduced deposit amount compared to a custom build, so this is a fantastic way of securing a Jennings build for a smaller deposit than a fully custom build as well as skipping the wait list! The price you see here is for the final build price, and there isn't any additional shipping, duties etc on top. If you are in the UK, the price you see here is your final price! If you are interested in securing this build to your name, please get in touch and we can organise the 10% deposit to confirm.

This build is not due to complete until Summer of 2022. In placing a deposit you are securing the build to your name.