Jazzmaster® Pickup sized Humbucker routed cover!


These are direct sized replacement Jazzmaster pickup covers, available in a range of colours but routed to suit humbuckers! I make these in house, right here at the Home of Tone.


They are standard sized Jazzmaster pickup covers, available in cream, antique white, bright white and black, but routed to suit open bobbin/no cover humbuckers instead. 

*Please note, this is for a single pickup cover only. It does not include any fixings or pickups. I have included a photo of a HB pickup fitted to the cover merely as an example of how they look. But the listing is just for the cover.

Fitting recommendations - 
I would personally recommend ensuring your 6 string humbucker has no cover on currently for retrofitting these covers. So an 'open bobbin' style, no cover humbucker. These haven't been routed for humbuckers with a cover fitted, instead they have a rounder corner radius to nicely suit open/non covered HBs. I may release these for covered HB soon should there be enough demand. But for now, it's just un-covered HB's that will mount to these JM covers.

To fit, you need attach your short leg humbucker to this cover like you would a normal HB pickup ring for example, so the height adjustment screw goes through the cover, then the spring, then onto the HB pickup mount leg. You then fit the mounted assembly onto your Jazzmaster like you would a regular JM single coil, via the 4 wood screws either side of the cover.

It would also depend on how your guitar or Jazzmaster is currently routed, it will likely need to be a deeper route to accommodate the 'legs' of the humbucker itself. The covers themselves will not directly allow you to fit humbuckers to your JM, these covers are simply to aid you in your installation/retrofitting by allowing a neat way to mount your HB to a JM cover, meaning you can use a standard JM pickguard for example. But the body of the guitar will likely need alteration to install a humbucker with mounting legs.

I also make and offer an alternative of JMHB covers, with my in house drilled JM HB covers too! So if you don't have a deeper route, and don't wish to route the pickup cavities further, then you can cut the legs off the humbucker and fit them to my neat drilled covers. For more information on those, visit THIS LISTING.

I currently have each colour in stock! - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

I have to make these in batches in order to be productive when setting up my routing jig.