Jazzmaster® Pickup sized Humbucker drilled cover!


These are direct sized replacement Jazzmaster pickup covers, available in a range of colours but drilled to suit humbuckers! A hard item to find elsewhere, as a result a recent customer asked me if I could help supply a pair of HB drilled JM covers, and I thought it might help out other customers tackling unique JM based projects if I were to put the jig to use and offer these an option!


They are standard sized Jazzmaster pickup covers, available in cream, antique white, bright white and black, but drilled to suit humbuckers instead. As humbuckers can come in a variety of pole piece spacings, I have decided to offer them drilled to 49.2mm, 50mm and 52mm spacing.
The hole size for the pole piece is drilled to 5.5mm, which should accommodate most humbucker screw pole pieces. If yours happen to be much wider than this though, just let me know and I can see what I can do to help. 

These are made to order, and are supplied individually.

*Please note, this is for a single pickup covers only. It does not include any fixings or pickups. I have included some photo examples of some JM sized HB pickups fitted to the covers merely as an example of how they look. But the listing is just for the cover.

Fitting recommendations - 
I would personally recommend ensuring your humbucker has no cover on currently for retrofitting these covers. So an 'open bobbin' style, no cover humbucker. For a nice fit onto the JM cover, I recommend that the 'slug' pole pieces are nice and flush to the bobbin, and that you slightly raise the screw pole pieces as that helps grip the cover. You could of course wax dip the pickup with the cover on if that helps further secure the cover to the pickup, or a thin strip of double sided tape could help too. 
It would also depend on how your guitar or Jazzmaster is currently routed, but you may need to remove the humbucker mounting legs too. Or if you plan on using the mounting legs to attach the JM cover to the humbucker, then I can pre-drill a couple of mounting screw holes too. If this is the case, let me know and we can discuss spec'ing this to suit your requirements.

Made to order, please allow 2/3 working days for dispatch. - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY