Home of Tone x McNelly - Stratocaster Pre-Loaded 8 Screw Hole Single Ply Pickguard - White/Black/Parchment


A Strat is an incredibly versatile instrument, and Leo Fender's innovative design made it that way. This isn't just a benefit to it's play-ability, it also means that if you wish to swap out electronics, the whole pickguard can be removed and items swapped out as you please. Rather than running wires through cavities in the guitar body. If you perhaps own an import model, then upgrading the pickups and wiring may well be top of your to-do list. A pre-wired, fully loaded pickguard is perhaps the easiest way of doing this, vastly minimising the work required when fitting. I decided to offer our own Pre-Loaded pick-guards to showcase both McNelly's Strat based pickups and our own Pre-Wired harnesses. 
We use high quality pick-guards sourced from AllParts USA, which are renowned for their quality pick-guards for both materials and fit. 
All electronics are high quality components, featuring CTS, CRL, Oak & Switchcraft branded items. All hand wired and ready to fit into your strat! 

Specs & Options
- Single Ply, 8 hole AllParts Pickguard in White, Black or Parchment colours.
- AllParts Volume & Tone Control Knobs & Switch Tip in White, Black or Parchment colours to match chosen pickguard.
- McNelly Nostalgia, Triple Scoop or now the all new 'S-Bar' Single Coil Pickup Set in White, Black or Parchment covers, to match chosen pickguard.
- Jupiter Yellow Vintage Tone Capacitor
- CTS 450 Series or 'TVT' Series depending on stock, +/-9% tolerance, 250k split shaft Pots. (500k for S-Bar option)
- Oak 5 Way Wafer Switch or CRL 5 way wafer switch
- Switchcraft Jack Socket or Pure Tone multi contact jack socket
- All Hand wired with German made 22AWG wire

These are hand made to order, if pickups you select are in stock, we will have your loaded pickguard finished and ready to ship out in around 1 week. If we need to order your pickups in, they are handmade in Canada by McNelly and shipped to us in around 3-4 weeks time. We will of course update you at the point of order with the delivery estimate.

Our Pre-Wired pick-guards are hand wired to McNelly 5 Way Strat specifications. What this gives you is a Master Volume, Tone control 1 for Neck & Middle positions and Tone 2 is for Bridge Position. A Modern twist on the classic wiring. It also features a .022uF Capacitor which is best suited to the McNelly Pickups design.
The 5 way switch is wired for:
Position 1 - Bridge
Position 2 - Middle & Bridge Parallel
Position 3 - Middle
Position 4 - Neck & Middle Parallel
Position 5 - Neck

The full diagram we use can be viewed here