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These Treble Bleed kits are made using high quality components, as with all of our items here and hand soldering here at the Home of Tone. The capacitor is a Quality Sprague Orange Drop 225P .001uF capacitor with a 120 Kilohms Metal Film Resistor wired in parallel. A popular value combination and wiring style for the treble bleed mod. 

Treble bleed kits are a simple mod, and very easy to wire in. They simply wire on the input and output lugs of your guitar's volume control pot and the result is a smoothed out treble and a more uniform tone from 1 to 10. Reducing the treble drop out as the volume pot rolls off.

How does it work?
The treble bleed kit takes the 'high' treble tone frequencies out of the circuit at the volume pot, and puts them back in the circuit as the signal leaves the volume pot. This means the treble frequencies are prevented from naturally bleeding out of the circuit as your turn your volume pot down. 

These are listed individually. If you purchase one 'kit' you will receive one cap and resistor, pre soldered and ready to solder onto your volume pot. So if for example you have a Les Paul, you will require x2 Treble Bleed Kits if you wish to have them on both volume controls. If you have a Telecaster, you will just need to purchase x1.

Treble bleed - wiring diagram.

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