Home of Tone Pre-Wired Jack Socket


Our Home of Tone Pre-Wired Jack Socket is ideal for a quick and easy replacement on your Fender style instruments like a Strat or a Tele for example. Pre-Soldered at the jack and heat shrink'd to ensure a solid connection and joint, with German made 22AWG wire. A choice of the industry standard (and for very good reason) Switchcraft mono jack, or the superb Pure Tone Multi contact jack.

The Pure Tone jack features 4 contact points, two positive, two ground which firmly hold the cable in place even after heavy use.

Keeps the work a little simpler at your end, and works out a little more cost effective for you too.

Delivery time
As these are made to order by hand, the waiting time is around 1 week depending on quantity of current orders and repair jobs in at the time.