Gotoh Stop Tailpiece US Spec Imperial Stud & Insert set



As standard from Gotoh, the Zinc & Aluminium tailpieces come with metric insert bushings and studs. So depending on the origin of your Les Paul etc, you may require different studs. This set is for an Imperial, USA spec instrument/build.
You will receive a pair of studs and a pair of body inserts, both are the USA spec Imperial items and will retrofit with the Gotoh tailpieces seen on the other listings.

They are available in chrome, nickel & gold.


US Imperial insert specs - 
Thread: 5/16 – 24 US Thread
Total stud length: 32.5mm
Diameter of threaded section: 7.8mm
Total insert length: 25mm

Please note that the nickel version is currently on back order.

But I have chrome & gold currently in stock.