Gotoh Magnum Locking Vintage Style 'Button' Tuners SD91 - 6 In-Line


This is for a set of 6 Gotoh Magnum Locking vintage style 'button' tuning machines in the 6 in-line configuration, great for Strat, Tele or Jazzmaster for example and feature the split tuner post style. Often called the 'Kluson Style' tuners. They come complete with push-fit bushes and screws and the buttons are the vintage style metal buttons. They feature a 15:1 ratio and require a 10mm tuner post hole. 

Please note that this set comprises of two post lengths - a long post for the low E, A and D strings and a short post for the G, B and high E strings. This allows the option of not needing any headstock string retainers, thereby reducing string hangups that can cause the guitar to go out of tune, especially when used in conjunction with a tremolo system.

For measurements, please see product images.

They are available in standard nickel in both right handed and left handed configuration. Left handed configuration is also useful for Right handed guitars which have a reverse headstock.

Please allow 2/3 working days for me to special order these in for you. I will update should there be any additional delay :) Thanks for your support!