Göldo 'VibroBridge' Telecaster bridge set w/notched plate for bigsby style vibrato



Looking for a complete Tele bridge plate and saddle set that will work with your Bigsby style vibrato equipped Tele? This item from the great Göldo may be perfect for you!
Classic styling, along with high quality brass notched saddles, the Göldo bridge here is a great option for your Tele with or without a Bigsby style vibrato fitted. But if you do have one, this will accommodate perfectly for the strings passing the plate to the vibrato unit as the base plated is notched to allow the strings to pass clearly.  It comes with mounting screws & brass saddles and intonation screws and is in a chrome finish.

Here's what Göldo say - 
"In combination with classic top-mount tremolo systems like Duesenberg Diamond Deluxe, göldo G5, and similar. The bridge itself has all the important vintage features - i.e. steel as the base material and three brass saddles that provide the typical twang. The saddles are also flattened at the bottom to have a larger adjustment range for the height. The rear edge has six notches through which the strings run from the tremolo system. This is the only way to combine a typical T-style bridge - still the crucial factor for an official twang sound - with a top-mount tremolo system. This is the only way to ensure that the strings sit on the tailpieces with sufficient pressure."

Please see photos for detailed measurements of the bridge plate.
I was also asked recently how thick the baseplate material was, I have measured this with digital calipers and the plate thickness is 1.21mm.
Weight (with saddles) - 91grams
2-1/8” (54mm) spacing 
Traditional full raised sides
For string through models only

In Stock!