Göldo Tune-o-matic retrofit 'Excenter Bushings' for Jazzmaster® / Jaguar® style bridges


Installing a tune-o-matic or roller tune-o-matic bridge on a Jazzmaster or Jaguar guitar has been a popular mod for offset players for many years, with players like Kurt Cobain & J Mascis to name a couple being well known for having Tune-O-Matic bridges on their main guitars. Although there are now countless bridge options for these guitars now on the market to suit everyones preferences, if your offset has a suitable fretboard radius or your have a TOM to match your fretboard radius then some still prefer a TOM for it's stability and these bushings from Goldo offer a great solution to an easier install and much better adjust-ability. 
These are also great for installing a roller saddle to TOM bridge too, say for example you have a Bigsby equipped JM or Jag, then a roller bridge will be beneficial to you!

Available in two specs, 8mm & 9mm to suit different original bushing sizes, these Excentre bushings simply replace the existing bushings completely or insert the HJM8N/HJM9N into the existing bushings and install a Tunomatic bridge. Threads in the bushings are placed eccentrically so the bridge can be adjusted exactly to the distance of the studs by turning the bushings.

They come supplied as a pair of bushings.

HJM8N 8mm spec - Suitable for some Far East built Jazzmaster®/Jaguar® style guitars
Diameter - 8mm diameter
Installation depth - 14,5mm
Thread dimension - M4

HJM9N 9mm spec
Diameter - 9mm
Installation depth -14,5mm
Thread dimension - M4

HJM8N in stock
HJM9N on back order