Göldo 'Deluxe' Brass Knurled blade/lever switch tip for Telecaster & Stratocaster


Big fan of these! If you're after a unique look, and perhaps a more secure switch tip on your Strat or Tele (or any US/imperial spec blade switch equipped guitar) then these 'deluxe' tips from Goldo are a superb option. A really neat knurled metal style and finish which matches existing Telecaster knurled control knobs nicely, but also helps in a better grip for easier use. 

Sold individually, available in nickel, chrome & gold

High Quality Brass knob for F-Type pickup switches (blade switch).

  • 12mmØ x 14.5mm
  • Hole size 4.9mm 
  • M4 hex screw for fastening

Please note, you may spot upon inspection of the switch tip that the mounting hole is round, this is correct and it will fit your imperial spec Tele/Strat type switch as the ID is ideal for the width of the blade switch and when secured with the grub screw, it aligns and tightens up nicely! 

Nickel & Chrome currently out of stock
Gold in stock