Göldo 'Deluxe' Brass Knurled toggle switch tip for metric switches

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Big fan of these! If you're after a unique look, and perhaps a more secure switch tip on your (metric spec) toggle switch equipped guitar then these 'deluxe' tips from Goldo are a superb option. A really neat knurled brass style which also helps in a better grip for easier use. 

Sold individually, available in Nickel.


  • 12mmØ x 14.5mm
  • M4 inside thread
  • M3 Set Screw

Brass knob for G-Type toggle switches. The M3 hex screw on the side allows the installation on smaller or larger switch shafts. In the latter case the hole must be enlarged accordingly.

I have tested these on switches and they fit metric switches due to the M4 metric spec thread, it can also fit slightly smaller threaded switches too as you can just tighten/secure it with the grub screw too. But sadly these do no fit imperial spec switches like the Switchcraft toggles I'm afraid.

In stock!