Gabriel Tenorio String Co. - GT ROUNDS - 'Hendrix' 9s


Steel Round Core strings with nickeled Steel wrap. Handmade & custom wound for a better fit. This set of GT Rounds is the 9 gauge set in 'Hendrix' specs which have a .015 G.

This set features standard long twists which are great for through body bridge and trem systems like Fender Tele and Stratocaster, and also work perfectly for Tune-O-Matic applications like on a Les Paul, SG or 335.
This particular set has been formulated at a geneal scale length to work with both 25.5" Fenders and 24.5-24.75" Gibsons.
It is a specially designed and developed 9-42 set along with the Hendrix style .015 G but the balance on tension wasn't to Gabriel's liking and expertise so he revised the basses to reach a 43.35 gauge low E. The perfect 9s!

How they're made & 'Why Strings?'
Gabriel Tenorio has been hand winding strings for many years, training under the watchful eye of mentor and Guadalupe Custom Strings founder, Francisco Gonzalez. He developed on his knowledge learnt in those years and stepped into the world of electric and acoustic guitar, beginning his company soon afterwards offering a level of quality string seldom seen in the guitar world these days. 
Each string in each and every set is hand wound by Gabriel Tenorio, in his workspace in LA, California. Each component of the string specially chosen over years of development for consistency, tone and reliability, from core, to ball end to wrap. Also importantly, each set specifically developed to bring the very best out of it's destined instrument. The Jazzmaster set designed speficially for the Jazzmaster, Strat for Strat, Top loading Tele for top loading Tele and so on. Without a hex core in sight, these strings are hand wound, one by one around the central round core until the set is complete.
The most common question we get asked is, How come these sets are more expensive than others out there? There are a wealth of reasons, all important and will of course be evident when you string up and play a set over the course of a few months. The big companies, D'Addario, Elixir and Ernie Ball, all create a mass produced, factory made hex core string. There's no doubt they're a great product of course, but it's not the way strings were traditionally made. In those early days, it was a group of craftsmen winding strings individually just like Gabriel is doing today. The hex core allows the factory to produce strings a lot cheaper, the core grabs the wrap quickly and effectively meaning higher numbers off the production line, cheaper materials and more machinery trusted to carry out the production. Round core requires a lot more care and attention, to ensure the correct wrap is created. Hex core allows much more dirt and sweat to build up in the gaps between the core and wrap, do you find your high street sets die pretty quick? Well that is the main reason! Round core strings simply don't have that gap, no space for the dirt to build up and result in a prematurely 'dead' string. There are other companies out there also flying the round core flag and doing a great job, but they are generic sets. Nothing designed and specifically formulated around a particular guitar. A set of 10s is a set of 10s. Gabriel's work is a true reflection of a passion for his craft, a love for the guitar and a hands on industry that has passed us by due to a sign of the times and high production levels. Each set has been designed to bring out the best in your guitar, have great playing longevity and life and of course importantly,  great feel and tone. I truly believe in what Gabriel is making, and have faith you will too! Enjoy your new string set! Read the full article HERE

Additional Info
Here is a blog article I've written about some helpful fitting notes if you are new to using Gabriel Tenorio Round Core strings.

Tele, Strat style tend to have 25.5" scale length

Gibsons and Gretsch type guitars range from 24.5-24.75" scale lengths