Gabriel Tenorio String Co. - Acoustic Phosphor Bronze

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The original B*Round was designed by Guadalupe Custom Strings founder, Francisco Gonzalez. Gabriel Tenorio continues to make the formula for Phosphor Bronze 13 gauge strings today.  This range definitely builds on the classic punchy sound of the PB*Round string set while offering consistent tone and more durability without the use of any additives or coatings. 

This set of Acoustic Phosphor Bronze strings, with either a 12 or 13 gauge set suitable for acoustic guitars with a fixed bridge (not a tailpiece like on a resonator for example).

How they're made
Each string in each and every set is hand wound by Gabriel Tenorio, in his workspace in LA, California. Each component of the string specially chosen over years of development for consistency, tone and reliability, from core, to ball end to wrap. These strings are hand wound, IE, Gabriel ultilises a string winding machine and individually guides the wrap and twist by hand, not a guided machine like others are, one by one around the central round core until the set is complete.

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