Dunlop Primetone - Sculpted polycarbonate picks


New to the Home of Tone Range are these really interesting picks from Dunlop, the Primetone! 

Dunlop Primetone picks are made of durable polycarbonate with a moulded-in griping surface and precision contoured edge to ensure fast and accurate picking.

Carved concave grooves on both sides of each pick provide a solid and comfortable grip while the engineered beveled edge gives positive attack and smooth string release. These are heavy picks for selective picking! They’re available in 3mm and 5mm, in three sizes with two point types. Large, medium and small with either sharp or rounded point.

Sizes of pick - 
Small - 20mm x 24mm
Medium - 20mm x 28mm
Large - 26mm x 30mm

In Stock!