DR Strings - 'Tite-Fit' Nickel plated steel round core handmade electric guitar strings


DR were a big part of my journey through the world of round core strings. I used these regularly for a number of years on my old Heritage H535 & Gibson SG and loved the feel and sound from the nickel plated steel round core materials which really helped with my humbucker equipped guitars. DR make very consistent, reliable, quality handmade guitar strings and these are a superb example of that. After being a fan of their work for so long, I'm really honoured to now be a DR dealer and stocking these great strings! A very affordable round core pure nickel string compared to some others!

"TITE-FIT™ Electric Guitar Strings utilize a nickel-plated steel wrap wire wound on a round core wire to produce a fatter sound. This classic construction makes TITE-FIT™ a great all-around string that works for a range of styles and genres, including Rock, Blues, Metal and Jazz. The use of the finest core and wrap-wire materials ensure this classic design meets modern performance standards."

Installation tips
Please note the fitting/cutting instructions printed inside of the box of strings. As these are a round core string, it's important to follow the correct cutting method to ensure the string works it's best when installed.

Available here in the most popular gauges, 10-46 & 11-50 sets

In stock!