Domed Top Tele style control knob for 6.35mm solid shaft USA spec pots - B-STOCK/Marked


Ideal direct USA spec replacement nickel Telecaster control knob with a finer knurled edge with a domed top.

Comes with allen key adjusted tightening grub screw to secure to pot shaft. 6.35mm / 1/4" hole size specifically for CTS Solid Shaft pots (as used in our Tele wiring harnesses). Also suitable for solid shaft CTS pots on USA Fender guitars. 

Sold Individually in case only a single control knob is required for repair etc.

B-STOCK items - These items arrived from the supplier with very very minor indentations on the flat top, so I wouldn't be happy offering these as normal new stock meaning they are available at a b-stock clearance price. Ideal if you are doing a relic project perhaps.

In Stock