Diamond Bottlenecks 'Signature Series Ultimate' Lead Crystal Slide


The Slide
'The Ultimate'. A pretty bold name right?! Well it deserves it, these hand-blown lead crystal glass slides are truly stunning, I personally own many of Ian's handmade slides and have used them for well over 10 years now. Totally seamless with perfectly smooth sidewalls, available in a variety of wall thicknesses (4mm up to 7mm) colour options and specifications, these lovely slides great if you struggle to find just the right fit. 
These in particular are Signature colours for Ian's collection of great artists he works with. These are essentially the Ultimate model, but in Signature, artist request colours.

Choosing the right fit
We currently have a range of Ultimate slide in stock which I personally selected from Diamond Bottlenecks for my stock, and each one is absolutely stunning. Here are the specs of each to help you decide which will fit best.
Due to the nature of how they're made, there can be slight variations in the measurements so over the years I have found a few ways to measure them to help ensure a good fit. I measure the overall length at the slides longest section, I measure the internal diameter and the thinnest point, as sometimes the ID can have a ever so slight oval shape instead of perfectly round (these are handblown glass tubes!) and if different, show any tapered ID too, basically whether it is slimmer and one side of the slide to the other. I hope this all helps!

Mark Knopfler Red 1 - 68.7mm Length - 4.8mm Sidewall Thickness - 21.38 to 20.75mm tapered internal diameter

Mark Knopfler Red 2 -  64.87mm Length - 4.9mm Sidewall Thickness - 20.5mm internal diameter

Brian Kramer - 57.09mm Length - 6mm Sidewall thickness - 15.6mm internal diameter

Jack Biilmann 1 - 58.05mm Length - 5.15mm Sidewall Thickness - 17 to 22.1mm flared internal diameter

Jack Biilmann 2 - 58.93mm Length - 4.65mm Sidewall Thickness - 20.85 to 21.4mm tapered internal diameter

Need more help gauging the size? Here is a guide from our blog to help you find the right sized slide

About Lead Crystal
Here's a bit of extra info about Lead Crystal slides, which I'm sure will help cement your decision of ordering one:
Hand-Blown Lead Crystal slides are considered by many to offer the sweetest, most 'hi-fi' tonal response of any currently available glass guitar slide for all electric, acoustic & resonator instruments.
Although crystal is the softest glass produced in the glass industry, the pure resonance, weight & density of true lead crystal allows the player a quality & clarity of tone not found with soda-lime (commercial bottling glass) or 'Pyrex' (boro-silicate) slides.....if you tap boro-silicate or soda-lime glass tumblers with a nail, then do the same with a lead crystal glass tumbler of similar size - you'll find the 'ring' & smooth sustain of lead crystal will be sweeter & last far longer.
Durability is applied to lead crystal by 'annealing' the blown glass tube in the 'Lehr' and allowed to slowly cool over several days, providing the required necessary hardness against knocks & string wear.