D&A - Headlock - locking guitar wall hanger for Electric or Acoustic Guitars


D&A produce a great range of quality, and importantly, reliable guitar stands and the Headlock is very much in that category.

The BEST IN CLASS Headlock Gravity-Activated Wall Hanger keeps your guitar, bass or other stringed instrument safe while offering easy access. Grab it with one hand and you’re ready to rock in seconds. The see-through safety gate locks the second you let go, and the materials are 100% safe for your favorite instrument no matter what type, brand or finish - including nitro. And it’s sturdy! We’re talking about significant structural strength that could hold the weight of any instrument. Finally, with a clean and elegant design, the Headlock softly and securely cradles your instrument away from the wall and off the floor into safety.

Headlock is ready to lock up your favorite instrument. Guitars. Basses. Electrics. Acoustics.(Up to 2 1/8”). We personally recommend these for 'symmetrical' headstocks such as those on a Gibson for example.

The Headlock wall hanger comes in an all black or white/chrome version – whatever suits your instrument, walls or furniture the best. Regardless of color, the safety is the same!

D&A stands have a lifetime guarantee and we are an authorised dealer.

Black finish in stock. Out of stock of White/Chrome