CTS - Short Shaft 300k audio taper pot


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The 300k pot was used by Gibson for a period of time, and it can often get a bad rep as it resulted in their humbucker equipped models sounding a little muddier than what we were perhaps used to hearing. Although it might have proved to be an unpopular choice for the general consumer for Gibson's humbucker instruments, there's no reason why the 300k pot value wouldn't be useful for other applications. This may help seek somewhat of a middle ground, or simply a matter of your personal preference, as let's face it, when 'tone' we like is all about personal tastes!

This is a CTS USA 300k Short shaft 'audio' taper pot with a vintage style casing

- 300k available
- Audio taper
- Split shaft .238 in. (5.95mm) diameter 24 splines,
- 3/8 in. shaft length, requires (9.52mm) 3/8 in. mounting hole.

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