CTS Premium 'TVT' Series 550k pots - Split short shaft


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I’m a big fan of CTS pots, I've tried and tested a variety and in my opinion the 'TVT' series commissioned by Crazyparts in Germany, are some of the very best available and the series I trust in my harnesses too. The 'TVT' stands for True Vintage Taper, and is based on CTS' 'H' 15% taper. The pot value features a +/-6% tolerance which is incredibly important as the rating is accurate to the requirements, be it 250k or 500k. Their construction is also a longer life-span brass shaft and bushing with a graphite wiper. Each pot comes complete with a nut, washer and star tooth washer.

This particular pot is a 550k 'Superpot' which can really help clear up humbuckers and P90s for example.

Specs - 

550k Short Shaft Specifications:
- Solid Brass Shaft and 3/8” X 32 Thread
- Shaft Style: Split Shaft
- Shaft Diameter: 0.235" (5.95mm), fine knurling
- Shaft Height: 3/8” (9.52MM)
- Thread Height: 3/8” (9.52MM)
- Required Mounting Hole: 3/8” (9.52MM)
- Smooth Torque 36-144gcm no abrupt flattening to choke your playing style

Long or Short, which do I need?
The question I probably get asked most is, "I have a Les Paul, will I need long or short shaft pots?". Well Gibson are of course known for lots of transitional changes to specs from the golden era right up to modern day. Here's a general list of which models take either type. But, if you're still not sure, the simplest answer is that ALL types of Gibson or Epiphone Les Paul will fit a long shaft pot, as you can adjust the two supplied nuts to suit the height in the body. All Epiphone Les Paul's with exception of the Elitist model use short shaft pots.

Gibson Les Pauls that take long shaft pots:
50's & 60's Tributes
Historic '68 Custom RI
1977-current Custom's
1977-current Deluxe's
1977-1982 Pro's

Gibson Les Pauls that take short shaft pots:
Historic R4/R5/R6/R7/R8/R9/R0
1952-1977 Standard's
1954-1977 Custom's
1968-1977 Deluxe's
Historic R7 Custom
The Paul's
Les Paul Special's
Les Paul Jr.'s

I hope this helps!

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