CTS - Stacked concentric 500K/500K pot


I love CTS pots & I wouldn't use anything else in my own guitars. This listing is for their stacked concentric pots, which if you're short on cavity/routing or pickguard space can prove to be a really useful option. For the standard footprint, you have two pots stacked on top of one another and in this particular example, both are 500k values.

Pot is 1 15/16 inches total height. Distance from bottom of pot to the bottom of the threaded portion is 7/8 inch.
Top knob diameter - 3/16 inch, 4.77 mm
Bottom knob diameter .265 inch, 6.75 mm.

Require the suitable control knob too? I also endeavor to stock the matching control knobs and you can find those HERE!

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