CTS - Stacked concentric 250K/500K pot


I love CTS pots & I wouldn't use anything else in my own guitars. This listing is for their stacked concentric pots, which if you're short on cavity/routing or pickguard space can prove to be a really useful option. For the standard footprint, you have two pots stacked on top of one another and in this particular example, one is 250k and one is 500k value. This configuration is superb for humbucker/single coil set-ups where you'd like the optimal pot value for each pickup type. 

Pot is 1 15/16 inches total height. Distance from bottom of pot to the bottom of the threaded portion is 7/8 inch.
Top knob diameter - 3/16 inch, 4.77 mm
Bottom knob diameter .265 inch, 6.75 mm.

Require the suitable control knob too? I also endeavor to stock the matching control knobs and you can find those HERE!

In Stock!