CTS Premium blend/balance MINI sized pots


We love CTS pots, I wouldn't use anything else for value to quality, but don't be fooled as not all of their pots are the very best! 

What is a blend pot? Well they can have a variety of uses, but they are a way of panning from one source to another, so perhaps a neck pickup to bridge pickup. A 3 way switch for example in the middle position will be equal parts, but with a blend pot you could dial in a touch more prominent neck pickup, or a bit more bridge pickup to the balance.


- 250k Audio taper taper pot with center detent
- 500K Linear taper pot, with center detent
- shaft .238 in. (6.3mm) diameter 24 splines,
- 3/8 in. shaft length, requires 3/8 in. mounting hole.

Both 250k and 500k in stock