CTS - 450 Series 20% tolerance solid short shaft 500k audio taper pot


I’m a big fan if CTS pots. Some of the best quality items available, great sweep and build. These items are the perfect upgrade/repair modification pot to use for your guitar and the 20% tolerance version offers a little better price if you're repairing on a tighter budget but still want a high quality item.

They're from the CTS '450' Series. They feature high quality construction and a 20% tolerance.

These will fit 6.35mm solid shaft, grub screw fixing type control knobs.

Exact product photo to follow ASAP

Standard Back - Audio Taper - 20% tolerance
Important measurements
Total pot depth - 30mm
Length of threaded shaft - 9mm
Shaft diameter - 9.52mm
Base of pot diameter - 23.5mm

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