Roller wheel control knob for Jazzmaster/Jaguar rhythm circuit - 4.1mm pot shaft fitment


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These are made by WD Music and are the control wheels for the rhythm circuits on Jazzmasters and Jaguars. They fit 4.1mm shaft pots, which is the somewhat quirky size found on the CTS mini pots, and are secured by a small grub screw. They have a fine knurl grip along the edges and are what appears to be plated brass judging by the weight of them.
I have really struggled to source these reliably over the past few years, only being able to source the others that I stock, which are for 6.35mm pot shafts. So this is great to finally have some in stock that will fit the small shaft diameter 4.1mm CTS sized mini rhythm circuit pots!

These are supplied individually.

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