Gotoh 510 Series Vintage Style 'Button' Tuners - 6 In-Line - SDS510


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The 510 Series by Gotoh denotes their premium spec and I'm very proud to have them available to my customers here at the Home of Tone!
Zero post wobble, a 15:1 gear ratio & Gotoh's own Lubri-plate technology. This creates what Gotoh call a “Complex lubricating plating layer” surface on all of the moving gears using an electro-plating process and is enhanced with GSP - a Gotoh original polymer compound specifically formulated to work with Gotohs LUBRI-COAT. With a “Solid Lubrication Coat”, traditional oil has been eliminated and keeps the lubrication where it is needed for the life of the tuning machine heads. They look like traditional etched back tuners but with their '510' series logo also etched on the back hinting at their premium nature!

You'll also notice when you open the pack, that they come supplied with some spacers. These spacers are Gotoh's 'C-A-R-D-6' bushings and are made with carbon fibre composite resin to be lightweight and long lasting. But what do they do? CARD6 features a centering guide molded into the base that insures correct string post positioning in relation to the tuner bushing. The high-density CARD material transfers string vibration to the instrument headstock more efficiently, improving sustain and harmonics. The CARD base is .05 mm thicker than the inside cavity of the tuner cover and acts as a spacer to prevent damage to the headstock finish due from sharp metal edges and over-tightening of mounting screws. A really nice detail for the 510 series that further proves what a high quality tuner these are!
The bushings seat on the underside of the mounting surface of the tuner (please so photos in this listing to display clearly).

This is for a set of 6 Gotoh 510 vintage style 'button' tuning machines in the 6 in-line configuration, great for Strat, Tele or Jazzmaster for example and feature the split tuner post style. Often called the 'Kluson Style' tuners. They come complete with push-fit set of 8.75mm & 9.15mm bushes depending on your requirements, mounting screws and the buttons are the vintage style metal buttons. 

For measurements, please see product images. 
Install can vary depending on the guitar you are fitting the tuners to, or if swapping, what spec and type of tuner your are changing from. There may well be some level of retrofitting required, minor tweaks to more major repairs but hopefully the detailed measurements will help you plan ahead as much as possible. If you do have any install concerns, I highly recommend supporting your local luthier/trusted guitar tech to carry out the install. 

They are available in standard nickel in right handed configuration.

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