Stacked barrel Tele style control knob set for USA spec Stacked Concentric pots


Ideal direct USA spec replacement chrome Telecaster control knob set with a knurled edge and slight domed top, made in the USA by AllParts. These are suitable for the CTS Stacked concentric pots I stock

Comes with allen key adjusted tightening grub screw to secure to pot shaft. 

Measurements - 

upper knob 19 wide x 13 high; internal diameter 4.85mm
lower knob 25 wide x 11 high; internal diameter 6.9mm

Top Knob - Inside diameter .192", 3/4" diameter, 1/2" tall.
Bottom Knob - Inside diameter .272", 1" diameter, 3/8" tall

Sold as a a top & bottom set.

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