Control knob - Hofner style teacup control knob


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These are made by AllParts and are such a cool looking control knob for vintage instruments. Replicas of the old Hofner 'Teacup' style control knobs. Please note though, sadly these don't fit US Solid shaft pots, they will only fit US spec split shaft 5.95mm control knobs and include a small grub screw to secure.

These are supplied individually.

Fitting notes
These are specifically made for USA sized 5.95mm shaft pots, like the CTS 'TVT' Series pots we offer in harnesses and sold individually for example. But do please ensure care is taken when fitting these control knobs to your pots as they are designed to be a snug fit on the pot shaft, but if forced on can course damage to your pots. Gently push them onto your pot shaft first. If it feels too tight, that excessive pressure is required, then stop and remove. Then slightly pinch the split shaft of the pot together and re-fit the control knob. It should push on fairly easily but with enough pressure to feel like it has sufficiently gripped the pot shaft. The design of a split shaft pot is to do this, ensuring a tight, secure fit on the control knob. Super super easy to fit, but I advice to take care when fitting to avoid any damage to your pot. 

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