Genuine Fender® Bridge cover for Jazzmaster & Jaguar


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I must admit, I'm a sucker for the aesthetic of bridge covers. I really like that Leo wanted his final instruments to look very clean aesthetically, and wanted to hide the more mechanical look of his bridges, and I imagine provide some form of playing comfort too. I recently worked on a lovely Custom Shop JM66 and it came to me with the cover installed and it looked fantastic and I must admit found it nice to keep on the guitar whilst playing it too. These will fit USA Jazzmaster and Jaguar bridges, but it also fits my 2017 Staytrem bridge too, in case that helps. I can't technically guarantee it will fit other models of staytrem but or other bridge manufacturers items but it fits mine and stays on comfortably. 

*Unfortunately it has been brought to my attention that this bridge cover sadly didn't fit one variation of AVRI bridge, fitted onto an AV65 Jazzmaster from around 2016/2017 we believe. I am attempting to contact Fender about this to see why this was the case, as it is listed to fit all USA Fender Jazzmaster bridges of traditional design, such as the AV range. Hopefully I will have some answers on this asap. 

A genuine Fender USA item.

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