Bigfoot Custom Guitar Ceramic Slide


These ceramic slides are hand made in Portugal by Marcelo Ribas, a custom guitar and cigar box guitar maker. His ceramic slides are beautifully well finished and are glazed perfectly on the inside as they are on the outside, meaning they're comfortable to use and not rough inside like many ceramic slides out there. They produce a very similar tone to glass, due to the glazing, but are much much lighter. So if you're really into glass tone but find it a little heavy, the Bigfoot Ceramic slides could be just for you!

I've just received a great new batch from Marcelo with some cool new colour finishes, here's a list of the sizing differences.


#3 - Black - 68.95mm Length - 22.4mm ID - 4.63mm Sidewall
#6 - Black with dark red spots - 73.86mm Length - 22.3mm ID - 4.88mm Sidewall
#24 - White with black spots - 70.52mm Length - 22.5mm ID - 4.74mm Sidewall
#27 - White with black spots - 71.3mm Length - 22.1mm ID - 4.5mm Sidewall