ANOMALY Guitar Hardware - Classic Humbucker Pickup Surrounds


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Developed by freelance designer, Luke White based down in my favourite part of the world, Cornwall. The Anomaly pickup surround has been designed and developed to refine a somewhat standardized and overlooked item of guitar hardware for both aesthetic as well as construction & material improvement. 

Cleaner lines, a subtle but obvious improvement in shape but importantly made from high quality impact modified ABS for extreme durability and braced internal ribs to add further strength. Standard humbucker pickup surrounds are sometimes prone to splitting around the mounting screw holes, but with the aforementioned improvements this is a thing of the past, whilst also looking rather nice too. Mounting and height adjustment screws are recessed for a cleaner look, and more comfortable playing experience. 

They're made to standard measurements for retro fit for humbucker equipped guitars. They're available flat or tapered (see images for measurement details) and they're in midnight black, classic cream or cool white colours and with pack containing 1x Neck pickup surround and 1x Bridge pickup surround. 
If your guitar has a flat top, these should direct fit. The flat variant is great for shallower neck angle instruments were the pickup doesn't need to be raised too high. If the instrument has a steeper neck angle, where the pickups need to be raised in a staggered height to compensate for this, the tapered option is a great option.
If your guitar has a shaped, carved top, you will need to further modify the surrounds to suit. As so many carved topped guitars have slightly different shapes and curves, it is better to do this individually and therefor these surrounds are supplied with a flat base to be shaped to requirements. If you're at all unsure about doing this, a skilled tech or luthier should be able to help.

Made here in the UK.

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