Alpha - Reverse / Left Handed audio taper pots


I've long stocked the CTS 'reverse' audio taper pots that are available, but in an effort to continue to offer a good selection of parts to my left handed customers I have also decided to stock the Alpha imperial spec reverse audio taper pots too. One advantage of these is that they make a long shaft 500k version which CTS don't appear to, so may help if you have a guitar that requires long shaft pots.
Please note that although these are Alpha pots, they are in fact Imperial 'full size' USA spec pots rather than their usual smaller metric pots.

Left handed taper?
Pots in right handed guitars (and many factory LH guitars too) are wired in a way that volume, for example, increases as the control knob is turned in a clockwise direction. For audio/logarithmic pots, it only functions correctly in one direction, so what happens if you would like it to turn in the other direction which some left handed players would prefer? You'll require reverse audio taper pots, or sometimes called left handed taper pots.

- 250k or 500k available
- 500k available in short or long shaft lengths
- Reverse Audio taper
- Split shaft .238 in. (5.95mm) diameter 24 splines,
- 3/8 in. shaft length, requires (9.52mm) 3/8 in. mounting hole.

In stock!