1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom - Private Sale


Thanks for looking at my families 1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom that we have decided to sell. This guitar has been in the family since purchasing new, it has been owned ever since by my Dad whom I'm selling on his behalf. Why selling? Although it is very fondly looked upon by us, it sadly doesn't get the use as he doesn't play electric anymore, and has decided to put the money into something he will use more leaving this to be enjoyed by someone who will give it a lot more use as it deserves.
The guitar has gone through some electronic changes over the years, so it makes this a great, affordable 'vintage' guitar overall. I'll detail absolutely everything below :)

Purchased new by my Dad, this 1976 Custom has been his absolute favourite electric he's owned hence why it has stayed in the family for so long. He was meticulous with it, wiping it down after every gig, keeping it safely in the hardcase when not in use, meaning it's in lovely condition overall with very very minimal signs of it's use. All details will be included in the photographs for you to see.
In the late 70s/early 80s he changed the original pickups to DiMarzios, which remained on the guitar right up until the 00s really. We do still have those DiMarzios in a box, but unfortunately do not have the original Gibson pickups it left the factory with. The DiMarzios were then removed as they honestly had their day and sounded as good as dead. So in more recent years, a wonderful set of McNelly Pickups 'Cornucopia' humbuckers were fitted which have a unique gold foil cover style. The aesthetic might not be to everyone's tastes, but as they are fairly recent pickups, you could change them if you wish, but they sound fantastic.
Along with the pickup change to DiMarzio in the late 70s/early 80s, it also had some wiring work done. It had push/pulls in the tone positions for some time for coil splitting, but in the 00s those were changed for Gibson/CTS standard pots. The volume pots, switch, jack and capacitors remained the originals up until the pickups were changed to the McNelly Cornucopias. Where it was decided to retire the mix and match, and predominantly tired wiring, to a fresh loom. The new wiring features CTS '450 Series' 500k pots in both volume and tone, RS Guitarworks paper in oil .022uF capacitors, and period correct Switchcraft 3 way toggle and jack socket. All professionally re-wired, along with cavity shielding added (which can be easily removed if you prefer). This re-wire was night and day, and brought the guitar back to life meaning we absolutely loved playing it again after being done. We have retained the previous components, so the original factory Switchcraft switch, jack, capacitors, and volume pots have been kept, as well as those later tone pots too. The Volume pot date stamping also helps confirms the guitar's 1976 build time.

The specs of the guitar are all typical of a Norlin era Les Paul Custom. It has the volute at the headstock heel, the slightly chunkier looking Gibson logo with the dot missing, maple sandwich between the body etc. Again, I've tried to detail all of this in the photos.
The serial number is 6 digits, if you would like to know the serial number please message as I have hidden the full number in the advert due to duplicate/replica concerns. The number is physically stamped into the wood, rather than the decal seen on others slightly later built than this. It also does not have made in the usa stamped or decal'd, so the back of the headstock just solely has the 6 digit serial number stamped in it. The Serial numbers from this era aren't a great way of dating the instrument, which I'm sure you know if you're familiar with this era. If checked I think it comes up as sometime in the 60s which clearly isn't correct. But rest assured, this guitar is one owner from new and has never had a re-finish etc, so all stamping is as it left the factory. I have spoken to a few specialists for these, and the details of the serial number style, IE stamped, no made in USA etc, hint at it being a touch older than 1976, perhaps 74 or 75, but due to the dates on the pots that show as 76, we have provided as much info as we can and hopefully you can decide which you feel it is. 
It has the original black witch hat control knobs, and also does of course have included the original black pickguard. It is currently removed, simply because we felt it suited the aesthetic better with the gold foil style pickups. But needless to say, the original pickguard will be included for you to re-fit should you want to, including the original mounting screws.

The colour of the binding has tinted over the years to a lovely cream colour, but is still fairly white along the fretboard edge from being played I imagine. The wine red is quite vibrant, which hopefully I've captured well enough in the photos. 

It has had a new bone nut, as the original worn away to the point it made the guitar un-playable. The old nut was destroyed in being removed unfortunately, Norlin era Gibson liked their glue it seemed.
Frets are in pretty amazing shape considering how much the guitar has been enjoyed and played, they're typical 'fretless wonder' style flat and wide, and the ebony fretboard is jet black in colour which looks beautiful. Most of the gold hardware is in good shape, and has the colour in tact. The only major sign of gold finish missing is on the tuner posts, I suppose from many years of string changes. But the tuner buttons and backs, as well as bridge and tailpiece are in great condition. Please see photos for more detail. 

The case is the original, fitted slimmer case than seen on later Customs from this era. It is in great condition and has the red fluffy lining, again nice condition and is shown in the photos. 

Overall, this is a very well loved, cared for, one family owned guitar since it's purchase new in 1976 from a shop in London (sadly can't remember which one as he tried all of them that day!). If you come to have a look at the guitar, I'm sure we'll bore you with the personal history of the guitar, but it would be nice to know the stories move on along with the guitar really. Yes, it's had some electronic changes, but in terms of overall condition it's an awesome Les Paul Custom, plays incredibly well, and fast with the fretless wonder original fretting. Looks incredible, and could easily be put back to a more traditional look with a set of pickup covers or new pickups if you wish. 

You are absolutely more than welcome to get in touch for more details, any specific photos or importantly to come and try it. We would prefer for it to be collected in person, as it's been in the family for over 40 years, it would be nice to meet the new owner in person and hand it over personally. It would mean a lot to us, and hopefully if you're the right kind of buyer, would mean something to you too. So feel free to get in touch to come and play it, have a closer look etc. I have a Fender amp you're welcome to try it through, but if you'd rather hear it with your own amp, please do bring it along. 

Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully the information I've provided is enough to get you started in your viewing of this LPC..

Please note this a private sale, and is just being posted on my website, the sale will not be through James' Home of Tone.