05/01/2021 Update - 

I'll admit, I really hoped I wouldn't have to write this, but here goes Lockdown round 3...
On the run up to Christmas and throughout I have been pushing to ship daily again, but in light of the new restrictions as well as needing to home school our son Miles, I have decided it's probably safest all round and most achievable time wise to go back to my shipping dates of 3 times a week.

So to confirm, I will be dispatching orders first thing on Monday morning, Wednesday morning and Friday morning. As long as my Post Office remains open and taking parcels, I'll be continuing to dispatch on these days!

Delivery times for the most part, have been on time which is superb, but there has been some delays which have predominantly international shipments. Especially now with the additional customs clearances required for shipments going into Europe too.

If you have an order which you require on time or for a specific day, I would recommend either getting in touch to ensure I can help achieve that for you as well as opting for a tracked or courier postage option at the checkout. As this has been occurring, please than usual bear this in mind before ordering and I would definitely recommend opting for the tracked Postage or ideally, courier services for the moment.

Visits - 
This has sadly however had to come to an end again, so for the time being whilst we are in our third (losing count though to be honest) lockdown, visits to the office for collections, drop-offs or gear try-outs is a no go I'm afraid but needless to say I'll update this page if anything changes!

Of course, if you have any questions about this please do send me a message at james@homeoftone.co.uk or via the contact form on the website and I'll do my best to help and accommodate for your needs. Thank you very much for your understanding & continued support,